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Catherine Harry

David & I saw Chriss Angel’s “Believe” show in Las Vegas earlier this week & we must confess – we didn’t think a great deal of it. Your magic shows have been much more entertaining! I just thought I’d let you know.


There aren’t many magic shows that leave me so astounded that I am left speechless after the show, but Nick’s show was one of those. Nick’s show was fast-paced and full of plenty of laughs and amazing magic. Nick has a fabulous rapport with the audience, which just adds to the enjoyment of the show. It was such a pleasure to see such talent and incredible magic- so many magical moments had my mind spinning (especially when cards magicially changed places and objects were lost and re-discovered under bizarre circumstances). There was truly never a dull moment during the show, and afterwards I left very impressed (and speechless!).


An amazing performer, Nick really connected with the audience. He was charming, captivating and very talented. It was so much fun. Can’t wait to see some more amazing magic!

Alison Spencer

Fun filled show. Terrific rapport with the audience. Lots of belly laughs throughout the show. Very clever tricks, I am still pondering the finale trick. Excellent show Was a full house the night I went. Thoroughly recommend for a sophisticated fun night. We were a diverse group and everyone loved it

Jerry Willing

Nick! You’re a super star. Keep on keeping on!

Rohan Appudurai
you, sir, are a veritable genius. please continue your swanston st shows, they brighten my day every time i stop by!
Jason Limsan Na
was great see you magic tonight ! good job ! good luck and take care !
Amna Saadi
I’M SO GLAD I FOUND YOU!!! You are truly amazing!

Keep up the brilliant tricks and come down to Canberra some time!! XP

Ange Sartore
i loved the show you did at diggers it was amazing 😀
Leigh Huynh
U were nothin be a treat yesterday mate! This man is the real deal ladies and gents! Well done nick!
Leanne Kay
Thank you for such an amazing impromptu performance last night….I haven’t laughed so hard in forever, you’re performance was outstanding – and a great birthday present for Rob!

Ali MacDonald

So wonderful to meet you Nick. You made my night…I love what you do and adore how you do it…ngest downtime before a gig EVER (& for the record, your lighting was spot on!) Hope we get to do it all again soon x

Robert J Powell
You were awesome tonight – loved it.

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  1. Nick thank you for a highly entertaining, surprising, funny performance that left us all saying.. “how did he do that!!?” You turned a party into a fantastic memorable event. I highly recommend you, in fact I already have!

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